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Monday, August 4, 2014

Getting To Know You Blog Hop

Hello All!!!

Today I am excited to share with you a different kind of Blog Hop!

It's a Getting To Know You Blog Hop!

I was tagged by my good bloggie friend and fellow crafter
Rhonda from Scrap Happens With Rhonda.
You can check out her blog HERE.
She is an amazingly talented crafter and is
THE Queen of Mini Albums!
I am blown away by all of her awesome projects she comes up with
week after week.
And her craft space is AMAZING!!!
I am also honored to design along side her over at Decorate To Celebrate!

So here's a little bit about me...

1. What Am I Currently Working On

Right now I am currently working on a project
for my son and the fact that he is starting
Kindergarten in just a few weeks
Oh, yes! I CANNOT wait and unfortunately
I am not going to be one of the Moms
that is crying that first day of school -
but, then again maybe I will -
tears of JOY!!!

Anyway, I know that Box Tops are a big thing
to collect for schools,
so I want to make a fun container
to put these in as we start cutting them out.
I haven't even started my project, other than cleaning out the
large Taco Seasoning container
from Costco that we recently ran out of and
as I was about to throw it away I thought,
"No, I can make something from this!"
I am planning on having this project done
Wednesday so be sure to check back on the 6th :)

2. How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

Oh boy! This is a toughie!
But honestly, I sometimes feel that I am the last living crafter
without a Silhouette or Explore or ANY way to cut SVG files,
and I honestly don't have any intention of going that route anytime soon.
I don't even use Cricut Design Space or the computer at all when crafting.
So I guess, because I am a avid Cricut Expression/Cartridges user that sets me apart.
I also LOVE mixing and matching papers together
and finding cuts that match the papers.

Here is an example of a card I just posted on Friday...

3. Why do you create what you do?

I would say that cards make up 90% of what I create.
At first I really wanted to try and make money from my cards,
but honestly haven't really figured out a way to do that.
I don't really think that people would by them :)
Since I don't sell them, I often ask myself "WHY am I doing this?!?!"
I just have this HUGE collection of cards now.
Yes, I do give them to friends and family and my MIL buys
Birthday Cards from me (just to be nice, I think),
but the majority of them I just keep.
Well, honestly, crafting is an escape for me and I ENJOY making cards!
It's basically my hobby and I need to remember
that I don't necessarily need a reason to keep doing it!
It is just an expression of who I am and it's what I like to do :)

Here is one of the first cards I made
and I did make it for my BIL...

4.  How does your creating process work?

When I approach a card, I always start with the theme of the card.
Then I will either pick the paper or the image I am going to use.
Then I figure out the sketch of the card.
I LOVE looking through the sketches over at
Mojo Monday for inspiration!
From there it usually comes together fairly quickly.
Some cards are so easy that they take 10 minutes,
others take me a lot longer because I over think it,
or just can't figure out what I am doing or where I am going with it :)
But on average I would say that I can create a card from start to finish
within an hour.

Here is one of my most favorite cards
and wouldn't you know it, I still have it :)

Cricut, Create-A-Critter 2, Elegant Edges, Mini Monograms, Christmas Card

So there you have it!
A little bit about me!

A couple other random bits of info...

I LOVE paper!!!

And some MUST HAVES for me in crafting are

Sentiment Stamps
Embossing Folders
Foam Tape
Chalk Ink

I also have a You Tube channel where I show
how some of my cards come together!

Now, I have asked 3 other of my crafty blog friends to
play along with this hop and I hope that they will participate
so you can get to know them and see their amazing talent!

Arin - A Piece of Life's Pie
Laura - Crafty Chicks Creating
Georgiana - Carson's Creations

I have served on DT's with these ladies and I LOVE them all!
So check out their blogs and follow them for an overload of

Thanks so much for checkin' in!!!


  1. I really enjoyed getting to know you better, Emily, and your creative process!! The cards you posted are fabulous!! Awesome post!! :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Great post Emily!! It's always nice to get to know a little about our fellow creators!!! :)